Being Gramma and Papa is the highest honor and the best part of this chapter in our lives! It’s been a pure joy to see our children grow up into amazing young men, husbands and now daddy’s.

As they were growing up over the years, we became Mama and Papa Bear, and they were our baby bears. Over 10 years ago this “Baby Bear” idea became near and dear to my heart. Since I have volunteered in our local women’s prison for 20 years now, I have found a very soft place in my heart for the ladies separated from their family. This idea started as an opportunity for women and their family to send the Baby Bear Cub back and forth after recording their loved one a message, rather than writing it in a letter. Then over the years it has become a passion to have this for all children, not just children with parents that are incarcerated but military children, foster children, children rescued from sex trafficking, EVERYONE! Every child needs the love of a plush and loveable Baby Bear Cub in their precious little arms while hearing the voice of their loved ones. The Baby Bear Cub also speaks positive words of affirmation to the precious little Angel listening. Even the BIG kids can enjoy these Baby Bear Cubs.

They are perfect for everyone wanting to spread Visions of Hope to loved ones all around the world.

Now being a Gramma… WOW! All my grandbabies will have one of these adorable little Baby Bear Cubs, to enjoy for years to come.

We are so blessed and grateful to the Lord for his faithfulness as we have journeyed through this life with Him.

We hope and pray that you find your kind of joy in this life like we have found ours. These little Baby Bear Cubs will only add to that joy around the world.

Please help us spread Visions of Hope around the world!

Jeremiah 29:11-14

Psalm 37:4-6

We just want to make a difference in the lives of others!

Your Baby Bears Club purchase contributes to creating safe, long-term housing for abuse victims.

Learn more about the Non-Profit we support, because you are helping us spread Visions of Hope around the World!

Each purchase empowers us to create positive change through contributions to the cause. https://www.hsjeshuaministries.org/

Learn more about Merriann and what else she is doing to raise money for Visions of Hope!

Merriann Forrest – Maxwell Leadership Certified Team Member (johncmaxwellgroup.com)